Initial Consultation

Free of charge

It is important to find the right counsellor for you, someone you feel comfortable with. That’s why I offer all of my clients a free, up to 30-minute no-obligation initial consultation.



I offer a safe, non-judgemental, strictly confidential, comforting environment for you to talk about your thoughts, feelings, issues and concerns. Session are 1hr

Online / Telephone Counselling


If you live further afield or have physical or mental health issues that effect your ability to get to face-2-face appointments; Online video or Telephone counselling can be a good option for you. Sessions are 1hr.

Couples Counselling


My responsibility is to your relationship and each party, who will get equal time, attention and understanding. Each session consists of an hour unless longer is agreed/requested at additional cost and are held at a regular time each week.


Please contact me at: regarding pricing and availability.


I accept cash and/or bank transfers (BACS). Payment by BACS and cash are due before the time of the session.

Block Booking

If after our initial session you would like to pay for a block of 6 or more sessions you can do so via Bank Transfer.

Cancellation Policy

All missed sessions are chargeable. All cancelled sessions are chargeable unless a 36 hour notice to cancel has been given.  You’ll find that counselling works best and produces long-lasting change when appointments are regular and consistent.